MMPCIA 2015 Annual House Tour
June 14, 2015, 11AM to 4PM

Our theme this year is Old Places, New Spaces. Since the first house tour some 25+ years ago, Harlem in general and the Mount Morris Park area in particular have seen both thoughtful new builds and the restoration of iconic neighborhood treasures. This tour will take you inside some of each − from cutting-edge contemporaries and creative updates to classic elegance that retains the glamour of a bygone era and eclectic combinations that meld bits of all the best. In short, the places and spaces that we call home.

About Buyer’s Delight, CFG, Voices and Traveling Lens
In Harlem's historic Mount Morris Park, we bring you Buyer's Delight, a unique boutique experience, featuring classic fashions, culinary delectable and classic jewelry.
Casa Frela inspires, explores and promotes visual art in Harlem.

VOICES is the ONLY annual art event in Harlem celebrating the LGBT pride of people of color. It is held at the Casa Frela Gallery every June concurrently with New York City’s festivals of Gay Pride, Harlem Pride and the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Each year, VOICES celebrates the lives and stories of people of color who represent the Diasporas of the LGBT community. This year, VOICES IV will celebrate IDENTITY in all its forms as seen through the eyes and spoken through the mouths of its gay/lesbian/bi/trans people, friends and families.

The "Traveling Lens" is an exhibition by photographer, Chante Ramsey, that was previously showcased at the Casa Frela Gallery this past Winter featuring a range of subjects and places that she has captured during her travel throughout her native city that never sleeps and as far as the South Pacific. Her creative vision for "The Traveling Lens" exhibition is to show the beauty that resides all around us as works of art. "I want viewers of my work to see beyond the capture and to connect with the visual creation on a much deeper level", she notes, "people should interact with the image differently every time they reflect on it - that the power and true essence of photography."

Buyer’s Delight Vendors:

Harlem Soap - Casa Frela Gallery
Our melt and pour soaps are made in small batches using natural ingredients, we have grown in our garden.  All soaps are created with medical grade essential oils and using a variety of wild plant and herbs.

SfragaSaga & Mwimbaji Earth Jewelry by Barbara Sfraga
Jewelry Artist working in collaboration with nature, based in Harlem, NYC, with a profound fascination of earth's gifts and a particular affinity for trees.Barbara creates one of a kind jewelry with branches, semi-precious stones and crystals, and gold-filled or sterling silver wire.

Sol Cacao
The Maloney brothers were born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up they were always surrounded by cacao trees and enjoyed eating chocolate made from the trees they grew and from the pods that were picked. They brought their strong passion for chocolate to Harlem. The Sol Cacao chocolate is a unique bean to bar experience. The Maloney brothers want to share a childhood experience and bring to their customers an affordable luxury crafted in Harlem.

Busy Bee Boutique - Vanessa Santiago-Jerman
Vanessa Santiago-Jerman was born and raised in a NYC Harlem based projects. She is a mother, wife, and grandmother to a loving baby boy. Vanessa started writing at the age of 8, at that time she used writing as a way to escape life’s reality. She released her first self published book in 2011 and since then she has released several other books for children and adults. Vanessa has a passion for writing and plans to continue writing for children. As creator and owner of the Busy Bee Boutique, Vanessa provides customized experiences to the needs of your child from embroidered clothing items to gifts of reading with a children’s book.Website: http://busybeechildrensboutique.webs.com/