Passionate Solitude

Songs for Valentines

Saturday, February 13th and Sunday, February 14th
Doors open at 7:00PM, Show at 8:00PM
Admission $20 includes complimentary wine and chocolate

Reservations/Tickets: info at ariethompson.com

About The Show:

{img src="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=151" height="170"stylebox=" styleimage="border"} Arie Thompson realized one day- or rather, it struck her- that out of all of the people she had grown up and gone to college with, she was the only one who was unpartnered. She describes the impetus for the show in her own words: “ For whatever reason, that realization really cut me to the bone and I found myself having to feel through layers of ... stuff, trying to understand how and why I made this choice because I did eventually accept that it was a choice that I just couldn’t remember having made it. At the same time, I have never been unaware of a deep and unfulfilled longing for mutual passion and partnership. Just feeling the truth and scope of those two desires within myself cracked open a whole new space inside of me and I started singing to explore what was in there. I wrote new songs, I found old songs, I mixed the two— all in an effort to really feel the center between these two poles.”

About the Artist:
Singer, Songwriter, Performer Arie Thompson rides into 2010 on a continuing tide of success. Her latest release I'll Know Who You Are When I See You Again was on the 2010 Grammy ballot for a nomination in six categories including Best New Artist and Album of the Year. The album features her unique blend of traditonal pop with elements of jazz and alternative soul. The past year also included featured artist guest spots on numerous internet radio stations (x102FM, Breakaway, WTNR radio), inclusion on Canadian based RPW records Violet Femmes 2 compilation, participation in GAP’s Born to Play campaign, retail licensing deals, and National theatrical release of the independent documentary Athena about the struggles of a former prostitute for which she wrote the original score.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Arie started her performance career in Chicago and moved to New York to build a career that includes: Downtown and Off-Broadway theatre, network television, and independent film. She won a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship for Performance and was a three-time grantee for Performance from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. After a brief hiatus from performing, Arie shifted her focus to concentrate more fully on music. She fronted the funk rock band 4DSEA, sang back-up vocals on legendary indie rock band Apollo Heights’s 2007album White Music For Black People, and began recording and performing as a solo artist. She has appeared at numerous NYC venues including the Bitter End, Knitting Factory, St. Nick’s Pub, and Crash Mansion. Arie also started her own production company this year: Sunlion Performance LLC.
Passionate Solitude is the inaugural production.

Arie Thompson currently resides in Harlem, New York.

info at ariethompson.com