March 01 to April 30, 2010

Renewed Function is an interior installation created by Joe Gonzalez intended to inspire and challenge us to approach garbage recycling in more creative and effective ways

This green installation encourages us to take items that we would normally discard and give them a new purpose. It also allows us to rethink how we can reuse our garbage for a more eco-friendly environment.

During the two-month exhibition, Casa Frela Gallery will be using its office space as the site of the installation to show how to reuse space as well as everyday items such as a empty coffee can as a pencil holder or a small jar as a paper clip container. The office is located on the 2nd Floor.

Local Harlem artist Joe Gonzalez (aka Dark Green Joe - www.darkgreenjoe.com) has been involved in numerous careers including theatre, television, special events, design, construction and eco-consulting. As an artist he focuses primarily on B&W photography and various "reuse" projects. As a global citizen, he is constantly reading and learning about the impact that each of us makes on our planet. It is only by stepping outside of the box do we begin to really grasp the scope of the problem and what we can do to help address it. Joe is currently launching a non-profit that gives everyday people the opportunity to help fund small projects in different parts of the world. Visit The Project Solution at www.theprojectsolution.org to learn more.

About the Photos
Joe is a local resident of Central Harlem who has a diverse background including work in theatre, television, film, events and design. Black & White photography has been a personal passion for many years and he enjoys the opportunity to showcase his work. There is a raw reality that comes through in a B&W image that forces the viewer to see a person, object or setting through shades of gray and the balance of light and shadow. A trueness that is unobstructed by our customary views in color. The current series shown here focuses on both Harlem youth and the season of summer. Carefree days of play, cooling off in a fire hydrant spray and cookouts. Images meant to invoke the feel of city life in the summertime; a unique experience that, at its core, has not changed much since the early days of New York.