HAWT: What artist living or dead would be your dream collaborator?

DA: A few are gone, but Mayo Angelo and Frida Kahlo. Though I'll be interested in collaborating with Ralph Lauren and Prince Charles.

HAWT: What artist out of the artists from HAWT 2013 would be your dream collaborator?

DA: I'm not sure whose on the list.

HAWT: What is your favorite part of your creative process when working on something new?

DA: Excitement.

HAWT: What's one thing that has stood out to you about Casa Frela Gallery?

DA: The atmosphere.

HAWT: While creating, what are TWO things you cannot go without? Art supplies excluded!

DA: My meditation and heart.

HAWT: What was the moment you knew you had to pursue art professionally?

DA: After getting laid off from MCI WorldCom.

HAWT: Who's been your biggest art influence? (doesn’t have to be an actual artist)

DA: Gracie Boggs, and Angela Davis.

HAWT: What's your favorite spot in Harlem?

DA: The Harlem Library and the MIST.

HAWT: What's your favorite aspect of Harlem?

DA: The different cultural experiences.

HAWT: What has been one of your favorite moments from HAWT 2014?

DA: Not sure.

HAWT: How has your art evolved over the past few years?

DA: It became more conscious.

HAWT: What are some of the things/people/events, etc., that inspire you the most and why?

DA: I love life and everything around me inspires me. And just those elements alone drive me to become creative every moment.

HAWT: How do you, as an artist, represent Harlem?

DA: I love Harlem and what the area has to offer.

HAWT: How did you first learn about Casa Frela Gallery and HAWT™?

DA: Lawrence.

HAWT: When you create, do you usually work on a piece in one sitting to completion, or can you put it down and pick it up again at a later time?

DA: When I create each peace of a master piece, by thinking of concepts and colors.

HAWT: If you were commissioned to create a piece for a Harlem-based business or organization, which business or organization do you feel would be the best fit for your esthetic?

DA: H&M, Harlem Haberdashery, and Ashley Stuart.

HAWT: In which Harlem venue would you like to be presented for HAWT™ 2014?

DA: H&M, and Harlem Library.

HAWT: If you were to speak to children about the art of creation, what's the most important thing you'd want to impart?

DA: To be true and work hard.

HAWT: Do you have a specific intention as to what your art speaks, or do you leave that to the eye of the beholder?
DA: No intentions, because art is subjective. And that it's good material.

HAWT: Do you have a specific time or day that's most conducive to creating?

DA: No. I love art and inspired to create all the time.

HAWT: I see you utilize quite a variety of materials in your artwork. What draws you to those materials?

DA: I just like different and bazaar things. And so it's the reason I use crazy looking materials.

HAWT: You have quite an eclectic collection, spanning many different media - painting, poetry & prose, fabric arts, jewelry and much more. Do any of those art forms tug at you more than others?

DA: Not really. Because I put 100% in all the pieces.

HAWT: What media was your first, and then how did you morph into the others?

DA: Fabric, beads, paint and neutral colors.

HAWT: Can you take me through your process of one of your creations, from idea to inception?

DA: I thought of the 60's, 70's and fun.