1st The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
10th Bee Workshop - Checking the hives for mite, provide emergency food.
15th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
29th Coffee Tasting

1st Bee Workshop - inspection, add empty frames and feed the hive medicated syrup
5th The Drawing Room - Easter Weekend ($25 per class)
11th Adding a new bee hive
19th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
22nd Earth Day In the Garden

1st Bee workshop - Mite treatments, watch out for swarming, and inspect the hives.
3rd The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
17th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
23rd Buyer’s Delight

1st Bee Workshop - inspected hives,add supers and inspect for swarming
5th Correction Association of NYC Ceremony - invitation only, 6PM - 8PM
7th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
11th VOICES IV: LOUD and PROUD Opening from 6PM to 9PM
21st Drawing Class ($25 per class)

1st Bee workshop - Continue inspections and add more honey supers if needed
5th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)
11th VOICES IV: LOUD and PROUD closing
18th Buyer’s Delight
19th The Drawing Room ($25 per class)

The garden is open daily from 12PM to 4PM, located at 13 West 119th Street.

VOICES IV: LOUD and PROUD is an exhibition about our voices, our people, our struggle, our communities and our unity, pride, anger, despair, love, rage, lust, pain, and happiness. VOICES celebrates the lives and stories of people of color who represent the diasporas of the LGBT community. Representing a variety of media (photography, drawing, sketching, painting, mixed media, cartoons, and graphics). The exhibit will run daily from June 11 to July 11, 2015. The official opening will occur on Thursday, June 11, 2015, from 5pm to 9 pm.

THE BEEKEEPER’S YEAR - Important tasks for 2015
January & February - Little work is required from the beekeeper, ordering package bees if needed, and provide supplements or emergency food.
March - Checking the hives for Varroa mite, provide emergency food if needed.
April - 1st comprehensive inspection, add empty frames and feed the hive medicated syrup.
May - Complete mite treatments, watch out for swarming, and inspect the hives weekly.
June - Inspect the hives weekly, add honey supers as needed, and inspect for swarming
July - Continue inspections and add more honey supers if needed.
August - Watch out for honey robbing.
September - Harvest honey crop, check for the queen, feed and medicated.
October - Watch out for honey robbing, configure the hives for winter.
November & December - Store your equipment away and no peeking in the hives.

THE DRAWING ROOM - 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, $25 per session
In the tradition of Casa Frela where art is explored. inspired and promoted, we are pleased to present our The Harlem Sunday Jazz/ Sketch Group. We invite you to spend every 1st and 3th Sunday of the month in the awe inspiring and historical Casa Frela Gallery on 119th Street. In the company of art minded New Yorkers, painters, drawers, and even non artists you will find yourself sipping on fine wine and listening to local Jazz while drawing the figure. Bring your charcoal, drawing pads, sketchpads and pen and ink and plan for an unforgettable afternoon.

In the historic Mount Morris Park, Buyer’s Delight presents a boutique experience at the renowned Casa Frela Gallery in Harlem featuring vintage mens and womens clothing, accessories, culinary delectables,handmade soaps and more. Curated by Chante Ramsey.

Njenga's koffee, a sustainable Kenyan and Regional East African Coffee Distribution Company based in New York. Their premium blended beans are locally roasted and strictly packaged with Kosher guidelines and dietary principles and presents a range of flavors from jury, citrusy, floral, herbaceous chocolate to spicy with complex early notes.

Correction Association of NYC
Since 1844, the Correctional Association has remained steadfast in its commitment to informing the public debate on prisons and has grown into a dynamic and innovative force for lasting progressive change. We were instrumental in the creation of a separate system for youth convicted of crimes in 1899; saw to the ending of corporal punishment as a matter of policy in state prisons and jails; were among the first to address the crisis of AIDS in prison in the 1980s; and helped to establish in-prison vocational, educational and substance abuse treatment programming.