HAWT: How has your art evolved over the past few years?

CR: Over the years, I've become more aware and appreciative of the balance of light, the art of waiting for the moment before taking a shot and taking chances with angles. In 2011, I became serious about my craft. When I look back at my earlier photos, I'm amazed at how far I've come and with more growth ahead.

HAWT: Do you have a specific intention as to what your art speaks, or do you leave that to the eye of the beholder?

CR: When I frame a shot I want it to tell a million stories not just one so that when one sees what I've captured they see something different every time.

HAWT: What media was your first, and then how did you morph into the others?

CR: My initial tool of expression was poetry. I was a poet for many years before picking up a camera. To set the stage of a scene or an emotion through words was challenging but I enjoyed tackling. It's a gift to be able to use words to transform a equally powerful visual. Through life experiences, I began to use photography as another form of expression of a moment and simultaneously to invoke an emotion.

HAWT: What's your favorite spot in Harlem?

CR: The place will always be my absolute favorite go-to spot is the Shrine ( http://www.shrinenyc.com). When I started frequenting Harlem when I was a cultural arts promoter, I felt at home every time I stopped by the Shrine. I've been a patron since they opened back in 2007 and continue to return for the warm embraces, epic music performances from rock to soul to so much more, the food (very healthy selections btw) and the ambiance.

HAWT: How did you first learn about Casa Frela Gallery and HAWT™?

CR: I heard about the gallery through Riley/Land Gourmet Pantry (http://www.riley-land.com/), a vendor at one of the gallery's many events. I attended to support a friend and from my talk with Lawrence Rodriguez I gained so much more insight than I ever imagined about the depths of Harlem's art culture. Truly amazing!

Chante Ramsey’s artistic portfolio is an eclectic assemblage of vibrant portraiture, architectural, and
urban/natural landscapes. Her work has been featured at local NYC venues including Barbara Campbell’s
boutique in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and at the Casa Frela Gallery in Harlem, NY. She is also the curator
of the T’Arts Artist Talk With Tea and Buyers Delight events series. Chante, a Brooklyn native, desires to showcase the world’s beauty through her lens.