We met with Gary Pelton of the NYC Beekeeping at the GreenThumb Growtogether 30th Annual Outreach Event on March 29th, 2014 at the Houstos Community College Campus.

About NYC Beekeeping
One thing about this group: it's not just talk. It's actual hands-on work in nearby bee yards, training for successful urban beekeeping, and community service. 

As our membership passes 1500 (!), our purpose remains the same: to bring people together around this exciting and increasingly popular endeavor and ensure that all beekeepers in NYC have access to superior training and mentoring on a range of practices for "Responsible Urban Beekeeping," regardless of ability to pay.


Yesterday Gary, Shayne and I had very successful first meeting. Gary will bring in two hives and we’ll start our training as beekeepers. We selected a spot in the back section of the garden and discussed the layout, the do’s and don’ts, and hopefully the bees will arrived later this month!