"Sound Baths" with Basia.

$20 per person
90 minute session (7PM to 9PM)
Q & A after the session is over

Sound baths promote relief from stress and anxiety, alleviate pain, reduce emotional stressors ​and help balance the nervous system. Instruments include quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Biosonic tuning forks, gong and flutes.

The sound bath begins with restorative breath-work. Deep, resonant tones from gong, singing bowls and crystal bowls carry the listeners into a journey that enables a Theta brain state, also known as the light meditation or sleeping wave, where spiritual connection and a sense of unity can be felt.

Theta is where we experience vivid imagery in meditation, creative visualization, inspiration, and insight. ​Sound Baths focus on the practice of deep listening, paying attention to the external sounds around us to reflect what is happening internally.