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Being a creative person also extended itself to her home which she decorated on a regular basis. Away from the hectic fashion world decorating her loft and reupholstering furniture was something she found to be very therapeutic, ultimately leading her to her career change. Her interest in Chinese culture inspired her to study Feng Shui, the art of placement. She completed her certification at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in Syosset NY. During this period of studying Jacqueline was exposed to many other methods of energy clearing and spiritual healing which she incorporates into her Feng Shui practices. “ As a consultant I help my clients understand the importance of clutter clearing whether it is physical, emotional or mental clutter. I teach them the universal principals and ancient traditions of this art, so they can balance the energy of their home or office and acknowledge the environment, to live in harmony with nature”.

Jacqueline tells her clients when styling. “ Interpret the symbols in front of you and considering the function of the space and the physical and emotional energy. Next, consider were each area of your life is in relation to your space. Style the way you like allowing your imagination to run wild with the vision of vibrant colors, prints, textures and shapes mixed in an unconventional way giving the space a personality adding pieces from different time periods and cultures”.

When asked to sum up her style Jacqueline says. “Eclectic, functional but most of all, emotionally vibrant”.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a native Brit who relocated to New York City in 1984. Born to a South American mother of European heritage and a British father her diverse cultural background has had a positive influence on her path through life.